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New wind and solar cheaper than 74% of US coal

25. 03. 2019

Around three quarters of the US's operational coal fleet could be replaced by new wind or solar PV projects within a 35-mile (56…

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Energy bills: are your cuppas costing more than you thought?

09. 02. 2019

The UK uses more electricity on kettles that we do an oven. We could cut the cost in half Here’s a trick question for a quiz:…

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Smart Grid Experiment Saves Participants the Equivalent of One Electric Bill Per Year

05. 02. 2019

To improve energy efficiency, a smart grid project in Turkey and Portugal leverages consumer choice

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Record numbers switched energy provider last year amid price hikes

21. 01. 2019

About 5.8m households moved to another electricity supplier, up 6% from 2017.

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Dutch eco initiative halves energy bills in first UK homes

07. 01. 2019

Nottingham pioneers ‘Energiesprong’ after it wins £5m funding from EU.

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Let’s make 2019 the year of a green new deal | Letters

03. 01. 2019

Richard Murphy and Colin Hines suggest a number of ways that revenue could be raised to fund energy efficiency in all buildings,…

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Switch to green energy – and save £250 on your bill

13. 10. 2018

As the UN warns on climate change, we show moving to a 100% renewable supplier is easy

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Commission welcomes final vote on energy performance of buildings

17. 04. 2018

New rules will make buildings smarter and more energy efficient, saving money and creating jobs in the renovation and…

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Could Wastewater From Oil And Gas Production Help Solve Our Water Crisis? Not Without Better Science

19. 03. 2018

Climate change is drastically raising demands on the world’s fresh water supplies, and as a result, governments, scientists, and…

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