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Fracking in the US vs Europe

18. 03. 2019

Fracking, a method of extracting oil and gas from shale rock formations has undergone considerable developments over the past…

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The Netherlands – reinterpreting its role in the energy industry

26. 02. 2019

For the past decades the Netherlands has enjoyed secure energy supply and self-sufficiency as a result of an abundance of natural…

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Russia and its role as nuclear power exporter

18. 02. 2019

Nuclear power’s first technological development in the post-WW2 years and increasing popularity during the Cold War came with…

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Oil price crisis, OPEC, Russia

10. 12. 2018

Looking back, we can state that 2018 has been a volatile year for oil prices. Price levels started off high but found themselves…

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A no deal Brexit and its possible effects on the UK energy market

29. 10. 2018

After long internal debate on its EU membership, the UK voted in favor of Brexit on 23 June 2016. About nine months later, on 29…

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