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PRO-ENERGY magazine is a popular quarterly which informs on trends and perspectives at the Czech and Slovak energy market. Since 2007, the PRO-ENERGY magazine monitors current affairs in electro-energetics, gas industry, heating industry, energy management, environmentalism, renewables, primary sources of energy and fuels and further topics related to energy sector.

The magazine also analyses main events on the energy markets in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, the development trends in research, technology and legislation. Since 2011 the expert conference PRO-ENERGY CON takes place in the Czech Republic and the PRO-ENERGY FORUM in Slovakia under the auspices of the PRO-ENERGY Magazine. The Magazine is annually a media partner of approximately 40 conferences taking place in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


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Every issue has a specific topic. In 2019, the Magazine has focused on the following:

►1/2019 (in Czech language only)

Main topic: Security of energy supply in the EU context

  • Construction of power plants and their fuel mix
  • Mining and delivery of primary energy resources
  • Nuclear energy in the Czech Republic and in the world
  • Market design of energy markets


►2/2019 (in Czech language only)

Main topic: Efficiency in energy sectors

  • Digitization of the energy sectors
  • Decentralized energy production and accumulation of energy
  • Industry 4.0 from perspectives of the energy and transport sectors
  • New technologies in buildings and in technical building facilities (Smart Homes)


►3/2019 (in Czech language only)

Main topic: Contemporary smart customer

  • Development of the energy systems in the era of prosumers
  • Delivery and transport of energy commodities
  • Decision making of customers at the energy markets
  • Trading on energy exchanges


►4/2019 (in Czech language only)

Main topic: Future of the energy sector

  • New business models on the energy markets
  • Innovation, modern trends and technologies
  • Research and development in the energy sectors
  • Education and training of young energy experts


HERE you can find topics from the past issues.


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Security of energy supply in the EU context





Efficiency in energy sectors





Contemporary smart customer





Future of the energy sector





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